Happy Father’s Day

On this Fathers’ Day, 2014, it is good to ponder the meaning of “fatherhood”. Being a father means more than providing the biological substance to create another human being.  In fact, many are fathers who are not so biologically, but are very much so relationally, sociologically, psychologically. Fatherhood is important enough to God, the Heavenly Father, to be included in the 10 Commandments, where God calls upon offspring to honor their father.  “Father” is one of the many descriptive titles of God, expressing his relation to the world of humanity, and in a special way, to all the redeemed, He is our Father in a special way. The one prayer the Lord taught his followers addresses God as “Our Father.” As visible representations of the invisible God, we are to reflect the fatherly character of our heavenly Father.  God is the Father of providence and protection, who feeds even the birds of the air and clothes the lily of the fields. And when we pray, it is to God as our Father that we pray.  None of us earthly fathers can come close to the fatherly qualifications of our heavenly Father.  But we are called upon to impartially love our children, provide for them as best we can, protect them from a sometimes hostile world without over-protecting them. Dads, we have a lot of work to do to fulfill all that.  We need all of God’s grace that we can receive.  And God bless all of our Dads at Calvary.  You’re not perfect, your fatherhood will find plenty of places to call for forgiveness. But our heavenly Father is patient and loving, and teaches us as we follow Him.


Rev. Dr. Richard L. Shaw PH.D., Pastor

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