Present Day Holocaust

The world is in rough shape. That we are living in the “terrible times” (perilous times, KJV) of 2 Timothy 3:1 can hardly be seriously doubted. We are seeing the rapid spread of a vicious organized army called ISIS, for which nothing is beyond their limits of barbaric cruelty. They bury little children alive. They behead babies and others just for the sake of spreading death and destruction. They certainly fit the description of the four horsemen of Revelation chapter 6. ISIS is spreading rapidly, bringing otherwise innocent children, and young people into its murderous fold by the thousands. Day after day their leaders stir them into a frenzied urge to kill all Americans and all others who are not of their brand of Islam. And sadly, the international community is doing virtually nothing to stop them. They stand by indifferent to this present day holocaust, and at best make mild protests and empty threats that bring nothing but cynical laughter from the enemy. ISIS has made it ultimate intention known – ISIS is preparing daily for that time when they can come to take the United States. They are out to get us! This is not a political issue. It is a moral humanitarian issues. And we need to make our voices heard loud and clear. If the nations of the world would act together on this now, this demonic horde could be stopped almost overnight. Meanwhile, thousands of innocents are being crucified, beheaded, buried alive, and murdered in other vicious ways. Let’s get serious in prayer about this. And a letter to your congressman urging U.S. action wouldn’t hurt.



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