Pray For A Great Spiritual Revival

It is safe to say that no one alive today has seen the world in such turmoil, and it shows no signs of letting up.  All indications are that it is getting worse by the day.  Our great country seems to be paralyzed, unable to respond effectively to the mounting crises.  Suggestions for stopping the brutal and murderous ISIS, for example, lead only to endless circular debate as to the best way to accomplish this.  If we don’t soon stop them in the mid-East, we will be fighting them for our very lives on American soil.  And it’s not about “fighting someone else’s war.”  Everything ISIS does is with the aim of taking down the United States as a necessary step to taking the total world, which is their ultimate aim.  Radical Muslims, followers of the religion of ISIS, believe they are pleasing Allah when they kill “infidels” (non-Muslims), thus fulfilling Jesus’ words, “It shall come to pass that they will think they are doing God a service when they  kill you.” John 16:2. This kind of religious fervor is hard to counteract.  All of this, in addition to many other factors, is indicative of Jesus’ return to earth.  It all cries out to the world, “Get ready!” And to every born-again believer, pray earnestly for a great spiritual revival. And evangelize.  Be diligent and faithful in your Christian witness. Ask neighbors and others to join you at your church for our Second Year Celebration and Visitors’ Sunday, September 14.  Coming soon! Tell them they can stay and join us for lunch – on us!

Rev. Dr. Richard L. Shaw, Pastor

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