May God Open Our Eyes

Well, we made it through another Christmas!  Though our wallets are thinner for it, it was worth it all to see little faces light up and voices squeal with delight as colorful wrapping paper litters the living room floor.  Bright lights and green wreaths will find their places once again in a dark attic to await Christmas season 2015.  Hundreds of calories, stubbornly sticking to stomachs and posterior, will have to be worked off at neighborhood gyms or in some extra laps around the block.  As a church, we welcomed some new members and several new attendees, and rejoiced with others in their initial commitment to Christ and the church.  We anticipate many more coming to faith in Christ in the coming year.  Our nation unfortunately cow-towed to an arrogant dictator in North Korea, and retreated in several other areas of international affairs.  A couple days before writing this pastor’s pen, two cops were murdered while sitting in their patrol cars in Brooklyn, N.Y.  Two widows mourn, left without partner, love, and support.  Children mourn the loss of a loving father. Those who chanted, “What do we want?  Dead cops.  When do we want them?  Now! “got their morbid desire, and are at least in part to blame for the tragedy.  Doubtless, they will not be satisfied with the granting of their bloodthirsty desire, and will cry out for yet more shedding of the blood of those who have come to protect them.  May God open all of our eyes this new year to the value of all human lives and of souls that will never cease to exist.

 Rev. Dr. Richard L. Shaw, Pastor

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