Jesus Is The Answer

Are we living in the last days, i.e. the time just preceding the return of our Lord Jesus Christ?  It would seem so.  “Men’s hearts failing them for fear” seems a good description of what we call “terrorism”.  The most recent incident that brought worldwide attention was the murderous attack on a magazine printing office in Paris.  It aroused a sleeping world.  About four million demonstrators gathered in France, over one million in Paris alone, to protest the continuing acts of terror.  Some 40-world leaders stood arm in arm in the greatest show of unity and outrage that France and perhaps the world has ever seen!  What a beautiful sight that was!  But one great nation was conspicuous by its absence.  That nation was our own great United States of America!  No President.  No Vice President. No Secretary of State.  No Attorney General. (Though he was in Paris that very day!).  We totally snubbed a history making show of force and anger against the greatest threat to worldwide freedom in history!  We should have been there. Regardless of your political affiliation or non-affiliation, you should be outraged at such indifferent inaction by our “leaders”.  Will we never learn?  What an opportunity was missed!  Meanwhile terrorism grows almost unchecked.  Sharia law is gaining ground in some states.  Some 20 enclaves (no go zones) are active in the U.S., 721 in France.  These are places occupied by militant Muslims where our law enforcement officers are kept out, and they are a law unto themselves.  Folks, let’s wake up.  Earnest prayer is a good place to start.  Bringing others to church, praying for their conversion to Christ should be next. Develop a deep walk with God.  We don’t know how much time we will have.  Only a great spiritual revival will stop the spread of terrorism. There.


Written by

Rev. Dr. Richard L. Shaw, Pastor

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