This Is A Desperate Call For Prayer

I am outraged beyond words at President Obama’s address at the Prayer Breakfast this past Thursday.  His attempt at soft-pedaling atrocities being committed daily by ISIS and other terrorist groups, and suggesting moral equivalency with Christians in the crusades and slavery in the U.S. is simply heinous, irresponsible, and incredible beyond anything we should have expected in a time when the world desperately needs courageous and clear-headed leadership.  He urges us to get off our high horse, atrocities have also been committed in the name of Christ.  But the crusades were committed over a thousand years ago, reluctantly called by Pope Urban II in response to urgent and repeated cries by Christians for protection and help from radical Islam!  American and British slavery was desperately fought and brought to abolition by evangelical Christians.  How anyone with any sense of history and morality and justice could make such comparisons surely escapes normal thinking.  Today we have radical Muslims burning alive a fellow human being ( a Muslim at that) in a cage, kidnaping and raping ten year old little girls, crucifying and burying alive little boys, beheading reporters and others, burning towns and God knows what all else.  And our president dares to say that we who protest should get off our high horse!  Could anyone ever have thought in their wildest imagination that this sort of violation of morality and human decency could ever come out of the mouth of a president of America?  I could not be more urgent or serious when I say, folks, this is a desperate call for prayer, Christian witness, and godly Christian living.  Let’s lead the way!

Written by

Rev. Dr. Richard L. Shaw, Pastor

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