The Power of The Cross

In this Lenten season the Church typically emphasizes the events surrounding the crucifixion of Christ.  This is not unbiblical nor necessarily biblical, but it seems like a good way of assuring that these events are not neglected.  The danger in it is that some churches then put these important events aside for the rest of the year.  This is unfortunate for many great truths lie buried within these events.  Of course, the crucifixion itself should always be emphasized, for it is the very basis of our Christian faith and experience.  Without Christ’s death on the cross there would be no Gospel, no heaven, no Christian life, no forgiveness of our sins.  As Christians, we stand by the cross with Mary, Jesus’ mother, the other two Marys, and the”disciple whom he loved”,  probably John.  The Cross of Christ is a transforming event to this very day.  Lives are radically changed for the good when the power of the Cross touches them.  Whole cultures have been transformed by its power.  It everywhere stands as a symbol of God’s love and humanity’s sin and rebellion.  Even the Cross itself is transformed by its power!  Imagine such an instrument of torture and agony being worn as jewelry around the neck as a sign of God’s love and forgiveness!  The instrument of death being erected over graves of loved ones as a sign of life!  The Cross stands as a powerful sign of God’s claim on our lives and its power to deliver us from the shackles of selfishness to a life of service and dedication.  The ownership of our lives shifts from us to God when we claim the power of the Cross.  

Written by

Rev. Dr. Richard L. Shaw, Pastor

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