The Church emphasizes events surrounding the crucifixion of Christ.

Some 2000 years ago today the greatest event of all time occurred. A man who had been dead for three Jewish days came back from the dead! Certainly no greater miracle had ever happened before or has since.  But the miracle was not self-contained or self-bounded, i.e., it did not stop with its own occurrence.  It was the precursor of many miracles. Billions of them. The Christian Church would never have been established in the midst of Judaism, Roman imperialism, and the pagan worship of many gods, without the supernatural intervention so obvious as the coming back from the dead of one who came into this world from the Father. And that Church has remained on the earth for 2000 years and today covers the globe with thousands being added to it every day.  Resurrection victory is everywhere! The power of the risen Christ is in Iranian prisons, in schools and churches and pizza parlors and wherever there are Christians.  And millions of people of every nation are experiencing the power, peace, and joy of this risen Christ.  All this in the midst of increasing persecution and martyrdom of brothers and sisters in schools, colleges, churches, etc., everywhere.  This all-out war on Christianity is negative testimony to its power. Who would even bother with them if their lives did not show a power that is truly not of this world? It deeply disturbs the human heart and makes those who resist it determined to rid the world of every mention or sign of the Cross and Resurrection.  Brothers and sisters, pray as never before for an outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit throughout the World.

Dr. Richard L. Shaw Ph.D, Pastor

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