The time is now!

What in the world is going on? Good question, with good answers.  For probably the first time since its inception, people are genuinely and rightly concerned about the very existence of the United States. The nations seem unwilling to stop Iran in its development of nuclear weapons, even though they blatantly announce their intentions to wipe Israel, then the U.S., off the map. Iran is becoming more and more brazen in its defiance of the U.S., having recently seized a vessel in one of their ports, and in other ways seeing how far they can push us. Meanwhile, Russia is also doing some defiant muscle flexing, and all while we are cutting back on our capability to defend ourselves. While all this and much more is happening on an international scale, our internal situation deteriorates. In a time when we desperately need to stand together in the face of increasingly threatening forces, we are torn apart by injustice and anger. But the chaos, violence, injustice, and divisions in society can be alleviated by the world seeing a renewed Christian community in action. The redeemed community of the born-again can set an example of relentless love that only deepens through every difference we might have. The sustained and pure love that we show for each other can be a model for society. Our model for resolving differences of opinion and policy can demonstrate to a watching world what it means to live in love even with our differences. Human difficulty to accomplish this can be remedied by seeing that we have a Wonderful Counselor to advise us, the Holy Spirit to enable us, and a loving Father to console us. Read and digest once again, II Chronicles 7:14.  Claim it for our own.

Linda Lee Karanja-Sebastian

Board Secretary

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