Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day 2015 is a day to celebrate fathers and fatherhood.  But just what does it mean to be a father?  We all know the biological aspects of being a father, so we will skip that for now.  The Bible has much more to say about the spiritual, psychological, sociological dimensions of being a “daddy”.  The father’s role, it seems to me, is to lead his family (along with the help and advice of Mom) from the state of dislocation, into which we are all born, into a relocation into the family of God, the body of Christ.  We are born with a sin nature, which leaves us self-centered and self-directed.  The father of a household is to teach by example and word how to be God- centered and God -directed, which enables us to also be others-oriented.  It is an awesome responsibility, to bring eternal souls into the world and give them guidance that will serve them for this world and the next.  Teach the family skills that will help them now.  Don’t depend on the schools to do it all!  Teach them respect for all others, respect for knowledge, for authority, above all for God.  Have worship times together on the children’s level.  Don’t bore them!  In worship, we ascend into the heavens and join the heavenly hosts in proclaiming the glory of God and remembering his great deeds of salvation.  It must not be seen as a mundane, routine affair!  And Moms and kids give Dad honor and respect as the Bible says.  You might start by taking him out to dinner today!  Above all, pray for him. He has a big job with eternal consequences!

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