Pastor and Nancy’s 60th Wedding Anniversary

We had a great gathering last Sunday for Pastor and Nancy’s 60th wedding anniversary.  Sixty years ago, June 12, 1955, Nancy Lee Sherman became Nancy Lee Shaw at Bethel Baptist Church in Joliet, Illinois.  The marriage produced Rebecca Sue, Linda Lee, and Daniel Richard.  They, in turn, gave us 4 grandchildren and one great grandson on the way.  So much for a brief family history.  Pastor and Nancy thank our family and church family for a fantastic celebration.  Our sanctuary was nicely crowded and beautifully decorated!  Thanks to Becky and Larry for planning, decorating, providing food, inviting folks, getting all those pictures together, and many other things to make our gathering memorable.  Linda for helping wherever needed, Liz Milford for the beautiful flowers, Judy Lovecky for helping with the floral arrangements and singing, Luke for playing the piano, John Esposito, Bobby Adams for singing, Brandan for taking the beautiful pictures, and all those who set up tables and served food, like  Larry Gould for emceeing it, others for putting all else aside and being there for us!  We knew the folks were planning a celebration but we had no idea it would be so elaborate!  And for all the gifts of your generosity and thoughtfulness.  If I’ve left anyone out, it’s not because you’re not appreciated, but due to limitations of space and memory. Nancy and I deeply love all of you, and pray for you.

Thank you, God bless all of you

Dr. Richard L. Shaw Ph.D., Pastor

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