Christ Defeated Death

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is not simply the rising of one from the dead, reversing death in that one body.  His rising is the mighty act of God in Christ undoing death itself in a new creation.  Christ rose in the same body in which he was crucified, but that body is no longer subject to the disintegrating processes of death, but has been transformed into a glorious body freed from corruption and decay.  This is an almighty creative act, comparable    to creation itself, in which the whole of creation will follow, for which it is waiting with groaning in expectation and hope.  The undoing of sin in Atonement on the cross means the undoing of death, which is the natural result of sin.  Therefore forgiveness of sin in the Bible is the overcoming of death. Jesus’ resurrection is the beginning of a new creation, of which Jesus is the Head.  The resurrection is an event in history, but one which goes beyond human history into a new creation.  The past is undone, and redeemed into a new order of being, the death of the old creation and resurrection into new space and time.  Christ’s ascension was the inauguration of his heavenly rule or reign over all the powers in the universe!  Never be bullied by any form of these powers.  Christ defeated them and gives his believers his own authority over them.  Whether depression, despair, disappointment, even death.  None of these can conquer Christ’s kingdom in you or in the world at large.  So however dark it seems to be sometimes, live in the light of Jesus’ victory.

Written by,

Dr. Richard L. Shaw Ph.D., Pastor

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