Releasing All To God

Jesus teaches that the kingdom of God is free giving and free receiving.  Those who live out of the attitude of holding, keeping, find it difficult to really live in God’s kingdom.  Entering into the dimension sustained by the kingdom of God precludes any attitude of calculation, of measuring our giving in terms of what it may bring back to the giver.  There is a human impulse for security that leads us away from the risks of the kingdom of God.  But Jesus promises that the mode of being human that is rooted in the kingdom of God is grounded in the real, oriented to the highest possibilities for the fulfillment of human existence.  The shame is that so many of us limit these possibilities by our fear of releasing all to God’s kingdom and trusting in his care and provision.  As we take the step of faith and release all to God, we find our life not becoming narrower, but wider and deeper.  This is the paradox of the Christian life- the more we let go of to God, the broader our life becomes.  The potential becomes the actual.  But our basic motive must not be to get but to give and bless.  Some things are sure to hinder the blessing and the work of God.  Unforgiveness, grudges, bitterness, envy, jealousy, pride, all have no place in God’s kingdom, and grieve the Spirit as he tries to bless us.

Written by,

Dr. Richard L. Shaw Ph.D., Pastor


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