Wake up! Watch!

No one who is even slightly aware of the situation of today’s world can doubt that we are living in momentous times. Both the Old and New Testament (Hebrew Scriptures) and the New Testament (Greek Scriptures) describe world conditions as if they were modern daily newspapers. Ezekiel 38 shows many nations, led by Russia coming against Israel.  After the great battle of Ezekiel 38 and 39, the people of Israel come to the realization that God is the Lord their God (Ezekiel 39:22) So there is yet to come a turning to God of the Jewish people. So much more could be said regarding the signs of the times, pointing to the prophecies that seem to be reaching their climatic fulfillment in our day. But prophecy is not given to satisfy our curiosity, or scare people into coming to Christ. It is, however, a wake up call to unsaved people, and certainly to those who already know Jesus as Lord and Savior. It is time to be alert and watchful. In the eschatological (pertaining to the last times), passage of Mark 13, Jesus calls His listeners and readers five times to Watchfulness, with such words as “watch”, and “be on your guard”. So the end times are times when the Church can be indifferent and slothful, and needs to be jarred awake by the ominous happenings in the Mid-east and elsewhere. Wake up! Watch! For the signs of the end have been present to every generation. But especially to ours.

Written by,

Dr. Richard L. Shaw Ph.D., Pastor

#Jesus #God #End Times #Last Days #Signs of the End #Israel


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