“…on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests”  Luke 2:14.  On earth peace?  Earth doesn’t seem like a very peaceful place right now!  Yet this is one of the names the prophet Isaiah said Jesus would be called.  But if he is the Prince of Peace, where is the peace?  Maybe the promise of peace is not absolute but relative.  Relative to our trusting in him-  relative to our obedience to him- relative to our using the tools of peace.  If America turns back to God- if our churches become alive and on fire for God- if God’s people turn from their sins and indifference to God in prayer for his blessing- God’s peace can come upon      God’s people and upon earth.  There is also the matter of common sense military’s preparation and use where and when necessary.  Military forces should be a last resort, but it should be a resort when necessary.  It seems the greatest nation in the world has been very slack in responding with necessary force.  If we had been more vigilant in these areas, many more lives would have been saved, Bengazi being a good example.  As it is, the forces of terror gain ground every day; they not only are not defeated or “contained”, they are growing exponentially.  Violence is contrary to Jesus’ Gospel of love.  But sometimes the most cruel violence is holding back our military forces and letting a vicious enemy murder men, women, and children without any- or minimal- restraint on our part.  Coming to the aid, of whatever kind, of the weak and oppressed, is a vital and necessary aspect of the Gospel of love and peace.

Dr. Richard L. Shaw Ph.D., Pastor

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