The Power of The Tongue

Written by Larry A Sassmann:
The Epistle of James mentions how the tongue can be used in harmful ways! This is proven over and over again by hurts that never really go away; By children who never reach their full potential because of a parent who regularly spoke in degrading terms; Marriages that dissolved because of careless words spoken in anger and so many other things. Yet many are also hurt by not using the tongue ; A compliment at the appropriate time – never given, a simple I love you that is expected yet not received, or perhaps an expected and desired response to a reaching out. The verbal, or even written – (considering social media’s popularity) reply can lift someone’s spirit, as can a non- response create a feeling of alienation. When speaking we need to choose words carefully- but we should also choose our silence and short one word responses just as carefully- they also can have a lasting effect. Let us all remember to do all – whether in words or in silence – in love…


James 3:1-18# Proverbs 18:21#

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