The Church

Rev. Dr. Richard L. Shaw, Pastor

The church that Jesus is building is to be a community of redeemed people who love God and faithfully support each other.  We find and develop our gifts and use them to strengthen the church and reach out to the unchurched. It is not the case that some of the members of Christ’s body have no gifts. All are gifted, though some are unaware of their gift or gifts. Not all can sing, teach, preach, give messages in tongues or interpret tongues, or prophesy; not all have gifts of healing’s. But all can be good givers and help provide the Church with resources to better implement our outreach to those who need Jesus. All can develop sensitivity toward guests and make them feel welcome and loved in the church. A common complaint of the unchurched is “Yeah, you have a friendly, loving church – toward your own people. But when I came in as a stranger, I was practically ignored while everyone talked with their friends. I felt like one on the outside looking in.” Pray that no one, ever, can rightly say that of us! Let there be no “outsiders” but make everyone feel like we’ve known them for years. Tell them your name, then ask theirs. Introduce them to the pastor and others. Show them where the restrooms are. Invite them to stay after the service for coffee and bagels and cookies or whatever we have. Remember, it is your house and they are your guests. Tell them about other services of the church and welcome them to attend. Ask if they have any questions. The practice of hospitality is an important, if unsensational, gift. One that Jesus’ Church has been famous for.  Let’s make it a top priority here.


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