Calvary Chapel Dedication 9-16-12 081
We are soon to join many millions of Christians worldwide on a joyous celebration. Bells will be ringing, choirs will be singing their anthem, drums will be beating, parades will be marching, and liberty will be proclaimed. What could possibly be causing so much excitement? This has been going on for centuries! It is not a new fading fad. What could possibly arouse so many totally different cultures and gather them around it? One thing – a resurrection. A Man has come back from the dead! But this is no ordinary man. This is the God – Man, our Lord Jesus Christ, fully God and fully Man, who dies for us, pays the full penalty for our sins, and rises from the dead. Jesus conquers sin – it can no longer deceive and destroy. Jesus conquered death by dying – and need no longer terrify, or fill with despair and desolation. Jesus has risen! He is alive! Put your faith in Him as your Lord and Savior, and let His peace rule your heart. The incarnation life, death, and resurrection of Jesus is history’s greatest miracle. And it is not just a dream, not fantasy, not wishful thinking. It is based upon irrefutable historical facts. As to the evidence of Jesus resurrection, we will be giving a seminar on it at our church Wednesday April 23, 2014 at 7pm in the conference room. Plan to come and bring a friend or two or three. Many people have questions about God and Christianity. The resurrection of Jesus is a good place to begin. Then each Wednesday at 7PM, we will continue the study miracles throughout the world. Pray for the series and plan to bring friends – atheist, skeptics, doubters, and seekers – all are welcome. We hope to help Christians to be better equipped to defend the Christian faith. Questions are encouraged. Refreshments will be served.


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