Responding In A Positive Way

We have just experienced Thanksgiving festivities, a centuries old tradition of our country. Hopefully, in the midst of reunions and tasty enjoyment of turkey and apple pie, we did it in the background of thankfulness to the One who made it all possible.  We have so much to be thankful for.  But unfortunately, life is a mixed bag.  Behind the joys of celebration lie the regret of human misfortune and depravity.  We think of the growing murderous threat of Isis now cascading through Africa.  In our own country the pathetic events of Ferguson Missouri.  The wanton destruction of property, burning businesses that were the only means of livelihood for folks who had not the remotest connection to the jury’s hearing of police officer Wilson or the precipitating events.  It provided an excuse for people to plunder and loot.  And why was governor Jay Nixon inaccessible to the lieutenant governor, the mayor, and others who tried to reach him?  Why did the governor not have the National Guard there to protect uninvolved people?  We can only hope he has a good, sound reason to give to people who lost everything they had for a living!  Demonstrations are a legitimate means of expressing outrage at what are perceived to be grievances or injustices destruction and violence are not.  Yet in the midst of mayhem and depravity, human goodness and care also shine forth.  Like the $100,000, folks sent in to the woman whose business was burned down, and the woman who risked her life to take milk from the cooler of a burning store to pour on the flames and so save the store.  These are the real heroes!  Whatever their beliefs about the events, whatever their political persuasion, they responded to human need in a positive way. God bless them!  May their number increase!

Rev. Dr. Richard L. Shaw Pastor

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