The True Meaning Of Christmas

Here we are again, on the threshold of another Christmas.  This season evokes many memories, good and bright for some, dark and sad for others.  It is a time for exchanging gifts, commemorating the magi who brought gifts to the child Jesus. “Shepherds” will dig out their bathrobe for the church’s annual Christmas play; moms will go over their food lists to make sure they have enough sweet potatoes and apple pie.  Gift lists will get a last minute surveillance to insure that Uncle Winford and Aunt Matilda were not forgotten.  Families will gather for joyful, sometimes hazardous reunions, and radios will be alive with old familiar Christmas carols and new Santa’s Sleigh Ran Over Grandma type songs.  All this is good.  But let’s be sure to remember the real reason for the season to make alive in our memories that God invaded this desperate world for us all of us.  We came under the control of the usurper Satan, and God incarnate in Jesus of Nazareth came to deliver us.  He came as the Wonderful Counselor, because we all face problems in search of solution.  He came to show us the way and to be the Way.  We are troubled nations make war against nations, and psychiatrists’ offices are filled, because we need the reconciliation brought by the Prince of Peace. And we need the power, stability, and endurance of the Mighty God, and the strong, loving reassurance of the everlasting Father. So this Christmas don’t cheat yourself and others by being so” wrapped up” in family and personal celebrations that you miss the true meaning intended to be remembered at Christmas.

 Rev. Dr. Richard L. Shaw, Pastor

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