Called to Love or Tolerate?

Written by,  Dr. Richard L. Shaw Ph.D., Pastor

We-all of us human beings, but especially us Christians- have a very formidable foe in Satan.  His tactics are many, and his strategy is to maneuver all things toward minimizing the kingdom of God.  He will use one tactic in one culture and perhaps it’s very opposite in another.  It requires infinite wisdom to defeat him in his various moves.  He uses intolerance in many cultures, especially those under Islamic rule and sharia law.  It’s more difficult in American culture to use overt intolerance, so Satan craftily uses tolerance, wrongly understood, to do his diabolical deeds.  “We must be tolerant of everyone and everything”, the political correctness people tell us.  Therefore we must (they say) marry homosexual (gay) couples; they have the same marital rights as straight couples.  We must allow the less than 1 percent of the population who are transgender to use the bathroom of their choice.  Somehow the fact of intolerance toward 99 percent of the population who have the right to gender privacy in the bathroom is overlooked.  The Christian is without question called to genuinely love all persons.  But this does not entail that all distinctions must be blurred for tolerance to take place.  The greater, true tolerance is to honor distinct ions and maintain them, while still loving those among us who for whatever reasons have difficulties in the area of boundaries. Opening the bathroom door to anyone who claims he “feels” like a woman or she “feels” like a man can open the door to a plethora of problems and heartaches.  Tolerance in its true meaning does not mean ignoring or blurring all boundaries.

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