Father’s Day

Written by: Dr. Richard L. Shaw Ph.D., Pastor

Today is Father’s Day; a day to give fathers a special place in our hearts, and perhaps at a local restaurant.  However, you choose to show father (or husband) special honor, know that the church stands with you in your endeavor.  The Bible honors fathers.  God honors fathers.  So the Church honors fathers.  Indeed, the Bible itself commands us to honor fathers. Ephesians 6:2, “Honor your fathers…”  Exodus 20:12, “Honor your father…”  Honor him by really listening to his stories – even for the 50th time!  Especially pray for your father, and the fathers of our congregation.  There is no better way to honor fathers than with our fervent believing prayers.  Fathers have a big job to do!  We need all the prayer we can get.  World leaders are telling us, screaming at us, that the world is in more danger than it has ever been!  China and Russia, two great super powers, are increasing their military power many times over, and becoming more and more aggressive.  Though a small nation, North Korea is rapidly developing nuclear missiles in spite of international warnings.  ISIS has doubled in the last two or three years!  People looking for adventure and triumph see ISIS’ many victories and clamor to join their ranks.  They are mushrooming all over the world. New deadly diseases are developing.  It’s a challenging world for fathers, and all others.  We can be victorious over all these challenges.  But we need to be aware of what they are- be determined to win over them- and have the necessary resources for victory.  It starts with awareness and consistent, insistent prayer.

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