The Sacrifice of Time

Written by: Dr. Richard L. Shaw Ph.D., Pastor

The people of God are called to dedication to the Lord.  Paul, in Romans 12, admonishes all Christians to offer their bodies to the Lord as a living sacrifice.  The “sacrifice” is an example of a total, unprotesting surrender to the Lord.  This includes every facet of our lives.  Time- talents- money- thoughts- are all laid on the altar of sacrifice to our Lord.  Time- every second of time is given us by our Lord, and can be taken at any moment.  How much of it do we totally waste?  Some people’s entire evenings are spent watching nonsense on TV.  Granted we all need to relax, we all need some entertainment.  But whole evenings of TV go beyond the need of relaxation and entertainment and are an indulgent waste of precious time.  How much better to be at a Bible Study, a conversation with family or a friend, studying or at least reading the Bible or other good book, taking a good brisk walk, etc.  Sunday worship time spent at family gatherings or on the shore, are not a total waste but weaken the witness of the church in its proclamation of the supreme importance of time with the body of Christ, letting the world see that worshiping our Lord and learning with the body of Christ is the number one priority.  Money given to God through the church enriches the church’s ministry and enables it’s deeper, wider outreach.  Talents and gifts used to enhance its ministry provide a means of initial attraction for many of the world’s citizens.  Our thought life either weakens or strengthens our commitment and ability to effectively serve God.  “Is your all on the altar of sacrifice laid, your heart does the Spirit control?  You will never be blessed, or find peace and sweet rest, till you yield him your body and soul.”

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