Is God Keeping You Busy?

   Written by, Rev. Dr. Richard L. Shaw, Pastor

Is God keeping you busy?  Or are you busy with your own business, family, pleasures, so that anything done for the kingdom of God is marginal and peripheral?  If something for the Church jumps up in front of you and you can’t avoid it, you do it.  Otherwise- leave it to someone else!  We all have a tendency to get busy with “earthly” things. It seems like it takes so many hours anymore just to make enough money to keep a decent meal on the table. But it might be surprising how much that would change if we really wanted to put God first, see his kingdom grow, his Church flourish, and his people blessed beyond measure. When we truly put God and his work first, it’s amazing how many other “necessary” things just fall away or fall into their proper place. The world is a virtual theater of competing ideologies and philosophies. Half-hearted commitment to one’s worldview will not win the day. With the world becoming increasingly enveloped in terroristic groups such as ISIS, total commitment discipleship to Jesus is a must. Anything less will never stand the test in today’s milieux. We would do well; all of us, to right now make a renewed commitment to Jesus, to be his radical disciple. Neither the criticism of our Christian brothers and sisters nor the flattery of the world can dampen the zeal or swell the ego of the truly sincere, committed, radical follower of Jesus Christ. Will you be that radical disciple? The world has yet to see what God can do with a radically totally unconditionally committed disciple of Jesus.

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