Written by   Rev. Dr. Richard L. Shaw, Pastor

              We have probably all heard more or less of the word “revival”, but do we really understand what the word means?  The reality of revival refers, not to the unsaved, but to the Church, the Christian world.  The unsaved are certainly affected, but revival is a condition of the Church, when the Holy Spirit comes in a powerful, almost overwhelming way. Christians confess sins and turn from them; Luke warmness is turned into a fiery zeal for the Lord.  The church has an all-consuming desire to see folks turn in repentance and faith to Jesus Christ the Lord. Worship takes on a whole new dimension and meaning.  In our seminar on the Holy Spirit, Rose Abel will give a dramatic review of the beginning of the Pentecostal movement in the U.S. that started in Kansas City and Azusa Street, Los Angeles.  A famous evangelist of the 19th century, R. A. Torrey, said this about revival: I will give you a prescription that will bring revival to any church or community or any city on earth.  First, let a few Christians…get thoroughly right with God themselves.  This is the prime essential. If this is not done, the rest, I am sorry to say, will come to nothing.  Second, let them bind themselves together to pray for revival until God opens the heavens and comes down.  Third, let them put themselves at the disposal of God to use all of them as he sees fit in winning others to Christ.  That is all …I have given this prescription around the world.  It has been taken by many churches and many communities and in no instance has it failed.  It cannot fail. Can we at Calvary Chapel accept the challenge?

Joyce Young went Home to be with Jesus a few days ago.  Pastor officiated at her service last Thursday.  Joyce was with Emmanuel Baptist when Pastor, was there and came on occasion to Calvary, until she moved to Ohio.  Calvary Chapel ordained her son, Frank, a few years ago.  Pray for the family.

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