Listening to The Holy Spirit

Rev. Dr. Richard L. Shaw, Pastor

How sensitive are you to the Holy Spirit and his convicting, convincing leading in your life? The Bible is a living book, inspired by the Holy Spirit, given for our learning and transformation. But it is only as we surrender to him, trusting him for his deeper work in our lives that we receive and live in the benefits of his work in us. There are many distractions in our highly technological day to deter us from what the Holy Spirit wants to do, first in us and then through us. It is hard for some people to leave their cell phones and computers long enough to have a serious time of waiting on God, listening to the Holy Spirit. And it takes a bit of discipline in church to concentrate on the message the pastor, or evangelist or whomever, has for us. It is helpful to read the pastor’s text for the next Sunday, pray for it, and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you what it means. You may be surprised at how often many of your thoughts parallel those of the pastor. However, we can have the kindling properly arranged, ready for the match to set it on fire; yet if we don’t apply the match, we have a nice-looking, orderly set of wood pieces that won’t produce heat or light.

Our Holy Spirit seminar, set for October 21, 22, and 23 at 7:00 PM, should help each of us be more sensitive, yielded to, and dependent upon the Holy Spirit to ignite our fires!






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