How Important is The Gospel To You?

Rev. Dr. Richard L. Shaw, Pastor

How important is the Gospel to you?  It is the greatest good news that ever greeted us, by internet, Facebook, Twitter, TV, newspaper, letter, invitation, or any other medium.  It is the news that God has come to rescue his beloved but alienated humanity, that he took our sins, failures, omissions, and diseases upon himself in order to be able to justly forgive us and give us new life.  What greater good news could there be?  Forgiveness and new life mean a whole new existence here, meaningful and exciting, and endless eternity in the presence of God and loved ones forever!  That’s the good part.  The sad part is that, strangely, in light of such tremendous reality, we still often allow the peripheral and temporal to win out over the eternal.  We can expend energy, time, and money on so much that will be gone so soon.  What if we allowed the Holy Spirit to do all that he wants to do in all our lives?  What if we were passionately committed to spreading the good news wherever and whenever we could, and helped those who responded by faith to God’s offer of salvation?  And we all lived our faith, lovingly, forgivingly, faithfully, putting Christ and his work, and our brothers and sisters in Christ, before ourselves in all things?  Every Christian church would be packed out at every meeting.  People would be coming at every service to receive Christ as Savior and Lord. Let’s let the Holy Spirit have his full way with us, and enable us to surrender all to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Then we will see blessings the way God intended them.

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