Activities at Calvary Chapel

Love, fear, anger, confusion, gangs, murder, a minister, more than one dysfunctional family, and a court scene. A mother holding on to God and His word, trying to share truth with her alcoholic husband and gang leader son. “To Take It Or Leave It ” an original play about opportunities for a second chance, written by Danielle Rosato, brought smiles and concerns to those who came last weekend to watch. An encore performance is even being considered because of public demand! Recently, a bus trip to Sight and Sound Theater to see Samson had many from Calvary and some surrounding Churches, fellowship together for the ride, lunch, the show and return trip. A conference this weekend on the Holy Spirit concluding Sunday evening is not only informative and helpful to equip us in dealing pragmatically with any who question the third person of the Trinity, but also a time of fellowship, unifying believers. As Calvary moves forward toward the close of 2016 and into the calendar year 2017 many, more fulfilling activities will be made available. November 5th will be a time of fun and fellowship, as we meet at King of Kings Lutheran Church hall for our annual dinner concert with “The Crosstones.” For those who want and can, we will be traveling to NYC to see Max McLean in The Fellowship of the Performing Arts production of C S Lewis’s classic “The Screw tape Letters.” Within this story, Lewis reveals how a senior devil trains a junior devil in the fine art of tempting humans. Many more plays, conferences, movie nights, coffee houses, and special events will be made available in the coming months. All intended not only for our entertainment and edification, but to give opportunity to bring in those who for whatever reason, don’t belong to, or are not attending a church, to hear the glorious Gospel and be introduced to a Savior who bids “Whosoever Will”. Let’s join together for prayer, fellowship, and fun, making the upcoming months a time to draw closer to each other and to God. May we bring many to activities that will disarm the newcomers’ apprehensions and create a comfortable atmosphere that will cause them to keep coming and consider the Love that is “In Christ” Amen.

In Him,                  

Assistant Pastor , Rev. Larry Sassmann

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