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At Calvary Chapel, we are striving to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a dark and hurting community. Our goal is to not only reflect on what God has done in our lives, but to act on it. We are striving to open our eyes to the many areas of ministry that are being availed to our congregation daily. We want to keep our relationship solid with Jesus and let that joy overflow into our community, nation and world.


Written by   Rev. Dr. Richard L. Shaw, Pastor

              We have probably all heard more or less of the word “revival”, but do we really understand what the word means?  The reality of revival refers, not to the unsaved, but to the Church, the Christian world.  The unsaved are certainly affected, but revival is a condition of the Church, when the Holy Spirit comes in a powerful, almost overwhelming way. Christians confess sins and turn from them; Luke warmness is turned into a fiery zeal for the Lord.  The church has an all-consuming desire to see folks turn in repentance and faith to Jesus Christ the Lord. Worship takes on a whole new dimension and meaning.  In our seminar on the Holy Spirit, Rose Abel will give a dramatic review of the beginning of the Pentecostal movement in the U.S. that started in Kansas City and Azusa Street, Los Angeles.  A famous evangelist of the 19th century, R. A. Torrey, said this about revival: I will give you a prescription that will bring revival to any church or community or any city on earth.  First, let a few Christians…get thoroughly right with God themselves.  This is the prime essential. If this is not done, the rest, I am sorry to say, will come to nothing.  Second, let them bind themselves together to pray for revival until God opens the heavens and comes down.  Third, let them put themselves at the disposal of God to use all of them as he sees fit in winning others to Christ.  That is all …I have given this prescription around the world.  It has been taken by many churches and many communities and in no instance has it failed.  It cannot fail. Can we at Calvary Chapel accept the challenge?

Joyce Young went Home to be with Jesus a few days ago.  Pastor officiated at her service last Thursday.  Joyce was with Emmanuel Baptist when Pastor, was there and came on occasion to Calvary, until she moved to Ohio.  Calvary Chapel ordained her son, Frank, a few years ago.  Pray for the family.

Is God Keeping You Busy?

   Written by, Rev. Dr. Richard L. Shaw, Pastor

Is God keeping you busy?  Or are you busy with your own business, family, pleasures, so that anything done for the kingdom of God is marginal and peripheral?  If something for the Church jumps up in front of you and you can’t avoid it, you do it.  Otherwise- leave it to someone else!  We all have a tendency to get busy with “earthly” things. It seems like it takes so many hours anymore just to make enough money to keep a decent meal on the table. But it might be surprising how much that would change if we really wanted to put God first, see his kingdom grow, his Church flourish, and his people blessed beyond measure. When we truly put God and his work first, it’s amazing how many other “necessary” things just fall away or fall into their proper place. The world is a virtual theater of competing ideologies and philosophies. Half-hearted commitment to one’s worldview will not win the day. With the world becoming increasingly enveloped in terroristic groups such as ISIS, total commitment discipleship to Jesus is a must. Anything less will never stand the test in today’s milieux. We would do well; all of us, to right now make a renewed commitment to Jesus, to be his radical disciple. Neither the criticism of our Christian brothers and sisters nor the flattery of the world can dampen the zeal or swell the ego of the truly sincere, committed, radical follower of Jesus Christ. Will you be that radical disciple? The world has yet to see what God can do with a radically totally unconditionally committed disciple of Jesus.

Virtual Voice           

If you look on my windowsill, you are likely to see old-fashioned milk bottles, shining in the sunlight and throwing colors off the marbles that fill each bottle to its brim. Yes, I collect marbles. There is some truth to it when my family mentions that I have lost my marbles, but have no fear, I know where I can find them again. The thing is, though, that as much as I enjoy my pretty marbles, I don’t confuse their colors and crystals with strengths and auras. I don’t bathe with my marbles, or place them strategically on my body and meditate, or burn colored candles while I stare at my marbles. Sounds kind of New Age, doesn’t it? That’s when the hippies set us all free: free-flowing hair, free to be me, free love, and children named Autumn and Clover and Blue, who have been breaking out of common social forms into feminism, civil rights, and transgender alternatives. Another trend keeping time with the hippies’ grandchildren – the Millennials – is the metaphysical spiritualism born out of free love and activism and tolerance. The shops that peddle crystals and candles and communication with the dead have left behind their dark, mellow atmosphere; now the open, bright shop space serves as a metaphor for honesty and authenticity, leading the Spirit-hungry millennials down a wide path. But the Bible is clear: candles are for light, not for divining knowledge. “There shall not be found among you anyone…who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord” (Deuteronomy 18:9-12). “Do not turn to mediums or necromancers; do not seek them out, and so make yourselves unclean by them: I am the Lord your God” (Leviticus 19:31). Then Saul said to his servants, “Seek out for me a woman who is a medium that I may go to her and inquire of her. And his servants said to him, “Behold, there is a medium at Endor…When the woman saw Samuel, she screamed, “You’ve deceived me!” (1 Samuel 28:7, 12). ‘If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him” (James 1:5). ”But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it” (Matthew 7:14). So whatever the Age, spiritualism is not the same as the Holy Spirit of our triune God. Take care and stay in prayer!

Rev. Linda Lee (Shaw) Karanja-Sebastian



Driving home from Freehold tonight, I was awestruck by the sight of a moon that was the kind that inspires volumes of poetry to be written. The size and slight orange tint (showing the reflection of the sun) reminded me of Psalm 8:3 “When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon, and the stars, which You have set in place.” The sun was set in place so perfectly to give warmth and light to the Earth, if the sun was any closer we would burn, any farther, we would freeze. The moon reflecting the sun and giving just enough light to see in the darkness, these things could never have been by chance! This reflection should also be in the life of each and every believer in Christ, mirroring the brightness of our Lord in a dark world. John’s Gospel in the first chapter verses 4-5 proclaims, “In Him was life and that life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.” In the same book, chapter 8 verse 12, Jesus spoke the words “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” This light of life, this light that shone in the darkness, this true light that gives life to man (John 1:9) had come into the world! In the section of Scripture known as The Sermon on the Mount, recorded in Matthew 5:13-16 Jesus spoke these words: “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden, Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on it’s stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before men that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven” Is your light shining today. Or for some inexplicable reason is it under a bowl? The light that set the stars and the moon in the sky passed the torch on to His Church. Let’s hold it high!

Rev Larry Sassmann Assistant Pastor



Summer has finally officially arrived, those “lazy, crazy, hazy days” as sung about many years ago by the legendary Nat King Cole. Everyone waits once winter has settled in, for the warmth of the sun to once again free us of our overcoats and heating bills. Being a Christian can be similar to the seasons also. We enjoy the warmth of fellowship and yet every so often we feel the desolate winter cold in our spirit. The Bible speaks of these times as mountaintops and valleys. The mountaintop, being those times when we feel God’s presence and the valleys, when we are not so pragmatically aware of His nearness. Yet we are told in 2nd Corinthians 5:7 that we live by faith and not by sight. The “feeling” that the mountaintop, or in the context of this writing, the summer may be preferred, but the winter does come sometimes. In this season, we need to remember, the promise found in Deuteronomy 31:6 and again in Hebrews 13:5 that God will never leave us or forsake us. Jesus, in John’s Gospel 6:37 said it this way, “… Whoever comes to me, I will never cast them away”. This past Sunday, in our study of 1 Samuel, we saw, in Chapter 23, David hiding in the wilderness and going down “to the rock.” We should follow his example and when we find ourselves in a “desert” place, go to our rock, the Lord Jesus, then soon, as in David’s case, we will find the oasis and be refreshed. Enjoy the summer and find warmth in it refreshing ourselves physically, but also find spiritual warmth in the Holy Spirit, and be refreshed in the area that is eternal. God’s word and prayer are capable of carrying us through any wintertime experience to bring us into a season of joy.

In Him,
Rev Larry Sassmann
Assist Pastor

The Sacrifice of Time

Written by: Dr. Richard L. Shaw Ph.D., Pastor

The people of God are called to dedication to the Lord.  Paul, in Romans 12, admonishes all Christians to offer their bodies to the Lord as a living sacrifice.  The “sacrifice” is an example of a total, unprotesting surrender to the Lord.  This includes every facet of our lives.  Time- talents- money- thoughts- are all laid on the altar of sacrifice to our Lord.  Time- every second of time is given us by our Lord, and can be taken at any moment.  How much of it do we totally waste?  Some people’s entire evenings are spent watching nonsense on TV.  Granted we all need to relax, we all need some entertainment.  But whole evenings of TV go beyond the need of relaxation and entertainment and are an indulgent waste of precious time.  How much better to be at a Bible Study, a conversation with family or a friend, studying or at least reading the Bible or other good book, taking a good brisk walk, etc.  Sunday worship time spent at family gatherings or on the shore, are not a total waste but weaken the witness of the church in its proclamation of the supreme importance of time with the body of Christ, letting the world see that worshiping our Lord and learning with the body of Christ is the number one priority.  Money given to God through the church enriches the church’s ministry and enables it’s deeper, wider outreach.  Talents and gifts used to enhance its ministry provide a means of initial attraction for many of the world’s citizens.  Our thought life either weakens or strengthens our commitment and ability to effectively serve God.  “Is your all on the altar of sacrifice laid, your heart does the Spirit control?  You will never be blessed, or find peace and sweet rest, till you yield him your body and soul.”

Father’s Day

Written by: Dr. Richard L. Shaw Ph.D., Pastor

Today is Father’s Day; a day to give fathers a special place in our hearts, and perhaps at a local restaurant.  However, you choose to show father (or husband) special honor, know that the church stands with you in your endeavor.  The Bible honors fathers.  God honors fathers.  So the Church honors fathers.  Indeed, the Bible itself commands us to honor fathers. Ephesians 6:2, “Honor your fathers…”  Exodus 20:12, “Honor your father…”  Honor him by really listening to his stories – even for the 50th time!  Especially pray for your father, and the fathers of our congregation.  There is no better way to honor fathers than with our fervent believing prayers.  Fathers have a big job to do!  We need all the prayer we can get.  World leaders are telling us, screaming at us, that the world is in more danger than it has ever been!  China and Russia, two great super powers, are increasing their military power many times over, and becoming more and more aggressive.  Though a small nation, North Korea is rapidly developing nuclear missiles in spite of international warnings.  ISIS has doubled in the last two or three years!  People looking for adventure and triumph see ISIS’ many victories and clamor to join their ranks.  They are mushrooming all over the world. New deadly diseases are developing.  It’s a challenging world for fathers, and all others.  We can be victorious over all these challenges.  But we need to be aware of what they are- be determined to win over them- and have the necessary resources for victory.  It starts with awareness and consistent, insistent prayer.

Called to Love or Tolerate?

Written by,  Dr. Richard L. Shaw Ph.D., Pastor

We-all of us human beings, but especially us Christians- have a very formidable foe in Satan.  His tactics are many, and his strategy is to maneuver all things toward minimizing the kingdom of God.  He will use one tactic in one culture and perhaps it’s very opposite in another.  It requires infinite wisdom to defeat him in his various moves.  He uses intolerance in many cultures, especially those under Islamic rule and sharia law.  It’s more difficult in American culture to use overt intolerance, so Satan craftily uses tolerance, wrongly understood, to do his diabolical deeds.  “We must be tolerant of everyone and everything”, the political correctness people tell us.  Therefore we must (they say) marry homosexual (gay) couples; they have the same marital rights as straight couples.  We must allow the less than 1 percent of the population who are transgender to use the bathroom of their choice.  Somehow the fact of intolerance toward 99 percent of the population who have the right to gender privacy in the bathroom is overlooked.  The Christian is without question called to genuinely love all persons.  But this does not entail that all distinctions must be blurred for tolerance to take place.  The greater, true tolerance is to honor distinct ions and maintain them, while still loving those among us who for whatever reasons have difficulties in the area of boundaries. Opening the bathroom door to anyone who claims he “feels” like a woman or she “feels” like a man can open the door to a plethora of problems and heartaches.  Tolerance in its true meaning does not mean ignoring or blurring all boundaries.

Another Summer

Written by: Rev. Dr. Richard L. Shaw, Pastor

Here we are again – heading into another summer that we have never had before and once it is gone, it’s never comin’ back!  And what will you be doing this summer?  When it’s all over, what will you have to show for it?  More days at the beach?  More picnics?  Pretty much a repetition of last summer?  Or are you thinking and praying about how you can better serve God and His church this summer and bring more people to Jesus?  Are the specific things of God – worship and learning with the Body of Christ, finding ways of interesting your neighbor in the realities of Jesus Christ and His Church, talking to the family next door about coming to church with you next Sunday, etc.  Or do spiritual realities take second place behind cookouts and days at the beach?  The ancient people of Israel had a similar challenge it seems, as we read the short prophecy of Amos. In 8:5 the Lord tells Amos what God’s people are saying, “when will the New Moon be over that we may sell grain, and the Sabbath be ended that we may market wheat?  The people could hardly wait for the more spiritual realities of worship and fellowship with other believers, learning and studying his Word, singing the praises of God, could be over so they could get back to what they really want to be doing, viz., selling more of the produce so they could make more money to buy more luxuries.  Corporate worship, with all that it entailed, was only a secondary, obligatory, ritualistic function.  What really made the “juices” flow was the jingle of the money as it came in for the products.  We will have a powerful church as we put our priorities in proper place.

Remembering !